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shop freedom

ux/ui design, redesign

Shop Freedom is a browser extension with a mission to inspire communities to "Shop Small" and support local businesses in the digital space. This case study presents the journey of revamping the Shop Freedom extension, focusing on UX/UI improvements and feature enhancements. The goal was to make coupon access more intuitive and efficient, ultimately creating a seamless experience for users while supporting local businesses.

project background

At Above and Beyond Studios, we recognized the need to create a digital ecosystem that empowers users to shop and enjoy content while actively promoting local businesses. Shop Freedom, browser extension, played a important role in achieving this mission by notifying users of available coupons on websites they visit. However, the initial user experience was in need of an overhaul to align with our evolving project requirements and user feedback.

problem statement

Inefficient User Flows

Navigating through the extension to find coupons was cumbersome and unintuitive, discouraging users from engaging with local businesses.

redesign process

The redesign process of Shop Freedom was characterized by iterative design cycles that ensured our products stayed responsive to evolving user needs. Key steps in this process included:


User Flow Optimization

Restructured the extension's user flows to simplify the process of finding and accessing coupons. This involved streamlining the navigation and adding intuitive pathways for users.


UI/UX Enhancement

A major focus was on improving the user interface and experience. Introduced a clean and cohesive design language, ensuring consistency across different websites and browsers. This change enhanced the extension's overall usability.


Feature Expansion

Recognizing the importance of added value, incorporated new features such as store recommendations. These additions not only improved user engagement but also strengthened commitment to the Shop Local mission.


achievements and outcomes

Throughout the redesign process, our team remained committed to adaptability. We actively sought and embraced user feedback, making real-time adjustments to the extension based on their preferences and needs. This ensured that Shop Freedom's UI/UX stayed ahead of the curve and responsive to dynamic project requirements.


Improved User Engagement

User engagement metrics, including click-through rates and interaction frequency, showed marked improvement, indicating that users were finding value in the extension.


Increased Support for Local Businesses

With the addition of new features, Shop Freedom contributed to a substantial increase in local business support.


Enhanced Brand Image

The cohesive and user-friendly design not only improved usability but also enhanced the brand's image, positioning Shop Freedom as a trusted tool for supporting local businesses.

The redesign of the Shop Freedom browser extension successfully addressed usability issues, improved user engagement, and strengthened the brand's commitment to supporting local businesses. Dedication to iterative design processes and responsiveness to user feedback ensured that Shop Freedom remained a useful tool for users to Shop Small and help Local Businesses succeed digitally.

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