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ux/ui internship

During my internship, I undertook a pivotal role in the design and development of a comprehensive business solutions platform aimed specifically at meeting the needs of small businesses. The central focus of this initiative was to create an intuitive and visually captivating interface while upholding brand consistency and adhering to industry design standards.

project team

The project was executed by a cross-functional team, comprising diverse talents from various disciplines. The collaborative effort was vital in ensuring the successful delivery of the business solutions platform. Key team members included designers, developers, product owners, and stakeholder who collectively contributed to the project's success.


User-Centric Design 

Our primary objective was to create a user-centric design that simplified complex accounting processes for small business owners, enhancing their overall experience and efficiency.

role & process

Upon assuming my role, the project faced significant challenges, including repeated launch delays and unresolved design issues. My primary focus was to enhance the end-user experience and contribute to the product's success.

I initiated a series of actions to address these challenges. This included the implementation of user-friendly interfaces and the integration of personalized features into the product. My contributions extended beyond design aesthetics; I played an integral role in shaping the product's visual identity and worked closely with the development team to ensure seamless implementation.


In parallel, I spearheaded the development of a versatile UI Kit, meticulously designed for scalability. This strategic move had a profound impact on the project, significantly accelerating product development and effectively reducing the time required to enter the market.

design process



Ideate & Sketch

Design & Prototype

Design Evaluation

project background

The Groflex's journey started with a deep dive into the SME landscape, understanding the pain points and aspirations of business owners, managers, and employees. This empathetic approach guided all our design decisions. We aimed for financial management to be effortlessly intuitive, creating an accounting interface that simplifies invoicing, budgeting, and offers insightful financial reporting. For inventory and supply chain management, the focus was on user empowerment through easy-to-understand real-time visibility. CRM tools were designed to streamline user journeys, making sales processes and customer relationships more intuitive. The Point of Sale (P.O.S.) system aimed to simplify transactions and inventory management, even during high-pressure moments. Analytics and reporting were presented to invite exploration, enabling data-driven decisions. Security and scalability were integrated seamlessly into the user experience, ensuring data safety and platform growth. Groflex-ERP reflects a UX-driven ethos, simplifying complex business processes for SMEs with empathy, simplicity, and empowerment at its core. The goal was to make SME operations confident and effortless.

information architecture

Accounting Feature

cash & bank

  • Add bank account

  • Cash flow graph

  • Add cash account

  • View cash and bank account details


  • Add money in transaction

  • Add money out transaction

  •  View transactions


  • Reconcile the transaction(s)

  • Match and reconcile

  • Import bank statement

chart of accounts

  • Add new account

  • View accounts

  • Edit accounts

wireframing & prototyping

Upon approval of the architecture and user flow, I moved to Figma to craft high-fidelity screens that integrated the key features of the user flow. This was an important step in ensuring that the user experience was consistent and user-friendly.

With the stakeholder and my supervisor feedback and inspiration, I began the process of unifying all the product functionality into a single user experience. This involved carefully linking all the features together to create a cohesive and intuitive user experience, thus ensuring that the final product was user-friendly and met the needs of the users.


MacBook Pro 16_ - 2.png

ui redesign screens

MacBook Pro 16_ - 1.png

previous invoice screen

new invoice screen

MacBook Pro 16_ - 2.png

previous settings screen

new settings screen

previous pop-up screen

new pop-up screen

MacBook Pro 16_ - 3.png

new dashboard screen

previous dashboard screen

MacBook Pro 16_ - 4.png

sprint design team leadership

In addition to my design responsibilities, I also took on a leadership role as the Sprint Design Team Leader, contributing to the success of our design efforts in the following ways:

Represented the design team in sprint planning and reviews, effectively communicating design insights, progress, and challenges to the product owner and stakeholders. This ensured that design considerations were integrated seamlessly into the development process.

Presented rough drafts and design concepts to cross-functional teams and key stakeholders. Feedback from these presentations was instrumental in refining designs and ensuring alignment with project objectives.

Onboarding new design interns, guiding them in integrating into the team and contributing effectively to design projects. Fostered a collaborative and supportive environment to facilitate their growth and development within the organization.

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